A Chance to Become Part of Toronto’s Most Happening Neighbourhood


Toronto is a city that has a lot to offer, a majority of which can be found in its entertainment centre; a part of Toronto that everyone knows for bustling with activity and glittering like a gem all the time. The entertainment district has something to offer to anyone at any time, this is what makes it one of the best places to visit for anyone who wants to have a taste of the city life in its purest form. The only problem with the entertainment district is that it has very little space to offer, meaning that there is a very slight chance that you will be able to settle down in the middle of everything that goes on in Toronto.

Fortunately, Great Gulf Homes plans on providing a superb solution to this problem by 2022; the 357 KingWest condo project, a condominium that this reputable company plans on launching very soon. Given its location, this building is going to have to be pretty grand to keep up with its surroundings and according to its website; it is going to be pretty grand. On completion, the condo will boast a variety of high end living units and a plethora of luxurious amenities.

With a total of 324 units to offer, this condo is going to provide (for a brief period of time) a window of opportunity for anyone who wants to settle down in Toronto’s gem. Prices are going to start from $400,000 and above, this project is going to be booked extremely fast due to its location so be sure to stay in the loop at all times. The launching phase of the project is pretty close now and you can get all the details about the project from its official website.