A Feature Rich Device Manager


There are many apps out there that try to be versatile and provide users with features that make them unique, however they all fall short due to either being too confusing to use or simply because they don’t provide a smooth enough experience. Mobogenie is one of the many versatile device managers out there, but what makes this one different from the rest is the fact that it provides users with a buttery smooth feature rich experience that allows them to keep their devices fully managed without having to face any kind of trouble.

Mobogenie recognizes a huge number of file types, it lets you edit them and also import and export them if you have mobogenie on your computer and have your device connected to it. Other than handling useful files, Mobogenie also scans for junk files and deletes them on regular intervals in order to make sure that your device does not slow down, this app even makes rooting your phone easy, a simple push of a button is all you need to root your device through Mobogenie.

One of the best things about Mobogenie is its interface, a colorful and interactive UI that is designed to make navigating through your phone a breeze, an intelligent dashboard keeps you updated about alerts and updates that your device needs as well. Mobogenie’s update manager is safe and reliable, it downloads and installs updates for existing files without letting any malware through. This great app is completely free and easy to obtain, simply go to Majorsys and get the free download mobogenie APK and install it onto your device to start using it. You can also find detailed information about the app at Majorsys and learn all you need to know in order to make the most out of Mobogenie.