Can’t Decide Whether to Buy Tile or Glass Splashbacks?


When purchasing or renovating a residential property it is highly important to invest on various parts such as interior designing, wall painting, and flooring. Splashbacks have become an essential part of most modern houses and they are installed in various rooms and portions of a house which can get wet such as kitchen or laundry portion. Getting the walls and ceilings painted can be expensive for most individuals and it can get quite difficult to keep them maintained and protected from spillage and stains. Choosing high quality material for the splashbacks of your kitchen can increase the life of your wall paints and make it easier to clean spills of various substances such as oil, grease, or coffee. When it comes to choosing the material for splashbacks you would come across various options, the most popular are tile and glass.

You need to choose the material of the protective layer wisely as it would keep your painted walls safe from damage and spills. Choosing a glass splashbacks give you a greater edge because you have limitless options and it is considered highly convenient to maintain because of its smooth surface. Latest options in the market have scratch-free outer layer that is perfect if you have high usage of kitchen stoves and oven. It is also considered a more hygienic option compared to that of a tile splashback because of absence of any crevices or corners. Rockingham Glass has some of the best and versatile range of options; some of them include platinum, claret, and mirrored glass surfaces. For the best rates in Perth make sure to check them out now on their webpage at Some people prefer tile splashbacks mainly because they are cost effective and easily available in the market.