Condos Are Better Than Houses


If you’re looking to buy property to live in then it’s really a better idea to just buy a condo over a small freehold house. The only real reason you’d want a town house would be if you have a big family; however, if you don’t have a big family then it’s a better idea to buy a cosy little condo unit at 11 Yorkville instead.

There are certain benefits of having a condo that make it better than a house or apartment. For starters, just like a house, you get to own your condo which means that you have to pay property tax which might sound like a let-down, considering how you have to pay condo fees as well despite the fact that you own the place. However, there’s a bright side to this that freehold houses can’t offer you – a responsibility free life.

Every member of your condo building pays a certain condo fee and collectively, these fees are used to pay for all in house amenities such as cafes, gyms and swimming pools but that’s not all. Condo fees cover all your bills and maintenance costs, which basically means that all you have to do is live there without worrying about any upkeep around the place.

In addition to the above, condo like 11 Yorkville are typically closer to central business districts than town houses are, which can cut your commute time significantly. Not only will you get to work and back faster, you’ll also be closer to restaurants, shopping areas and medical facilities. If the idea of shared living without any responsibilities sounds good to you, then you should definitely start looking for a condo unit instead of houses or apartments.