Here is Why Cancer Patients Should Worry About Considering Sperm Preservation


I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to find news about having cancer. It can be one of the most anxious results you ever wait for, in your life. As someone who needs to do a few blood tests, I understand how scared you can be to even do tests to find out in the first place.

However, once found that the tumor is present, and that it is malignant, there can be all kinds of reaction. From entering denial to anger, bargaining, depression, and God knows what else. Some people also straight away want to go into surgery. If not necessary, some people start with other forms of treatment, like chemotherapy.

Problems With Sperm

I know it is a little hard to think about sperm production when you are diagnosed with cancer. However, there is always a chance of survival, and the better the chance, the more likely you are to go through plenty of treatments. The thing about these extensive treatments is that these rays and radiations can cause defects in sperm production in the semen. A lot of times, patients who have survived cancer are unable to produce enough quality and quantity of sperm to impregnate a woman.

Fertility Preservation

Some places actually offer fertility preservation for cancer patients. This means that before entering all these sessions, you go through this preservation process, in order to secure your sperm for the future. However, if you have already begun your therapies and are wondering what to do now, you can still have a diagnosis and determine how well a chance you have of still preserving it. If you want to understand it better and maybe even consider going through it, you can read more about it at