Knowing When to Let Go


We do have a tendency to attach significance and meaning to the smallest things. This can mean a certain movie ticket, a certain date or time, a specific smell or shirt and so on. The memories associated with these items are what makes it difficult for us to part with them since they remind us of a special time or moment in our life regardless of whether it was a good moment or not. Of course sometimes we tend to get too attached to the object to the point at which it begins to become unhealthy, which is why it is important for us to know when it is time to let go.

This can entail a lot of things like a certain memory, a bad friend, clothes or your car etc. Of course there is nothing easy about foregoing your very basic instinct to store and preserve, but it needs to be done. It is important to be able to take out the old so that you can bring in the new. We might not be happy parting with our old car but it is only after you sell it off that you are able to get a new one.

Regardless of how old, rundown or even unusable the car may be, you might still be reluctant to sell it, but you do need to. If it is an obsolete car, you should then consider scrapping a car for cash. It won’t really get you a lot of money, but you will learn how necessary it was to let go. It is a very simple change in habit that we can adopt, to recognize when it is time to let go of anything and then move on to actually go through with removing it from your life.