Live to Lie


To buy straight from the manufacturer is to ensure yourself a quality product devoid of complications. The warranty is also more valuable than buying it from some other location since the manufacturer will know that you indeed bought from them. The other side of this deal is that if you do decide to buy directly from a manufacturer for your product, you’re likely to see a heavy price tag.

The thing is that you will be buying a guaranteed genuine product, but you will be doing so by paying the highest price you can for it. It will give you peace of mind about the legitimacy of the product for sure, but your attention might be caught by several other websites that are looking to sell you the same product at a cheaper rate. Sometimes these discounts can seem unbelievable when you think about the high prices you see for the same product everywhere else and there is good reason for this. These discounts are indeed fake and the manufacturer might not be offering any actual discount at the moment but by referring to the discount with rosy words, you’re led into a false sense of security about the product you are buying.

This scams you for all of your money by delivering to you a product that may look identical to what you wanted to buy but when you try to make use of it, the functionality fails completely. Many websites are present here on this domain. They try to offer articles that look genuine and they might even go the extra mile, promising that everything is assured and that it is totally safe to give them your credit card information. When the product you arrives, you find that it is everything except what you ordered.