Parenting And Teaching Blogs


The internet is full of different blogs and websites on every topic you can think of, and blogs on parenting and teaching issues discussed and solved with humor is one topic which has a dedicated website which is, this website is run by freelance essay and blog writer Stephanie Jankowski, her essays have been a real hit and people love how she writes about parenting and teaching on her blog.

There aren’t many website and blogs which write about such topics, if we think straight these are the exact which have so much importance in our daily lives and somehow these are not really talked about, day to day issues need to be resolved in an efficient manner in order to avoid big conflicts and if there are experts who can not only highlight these issues but guide how to deal with it and that too with humor in it, I think that is absolute gold.

The best thing I read on this website was a piece regarding our addiction to our cell phones these days and the way she was able to write about it was really catchy, being constantly connected to a device and most often it is our cell phone has different impacts on our daily lives, and I absolutely agree with the writer here that it also has an impact on our relationships, she defines how her husband get annoyed when she is always looking down at her phone and he cant figure out what she is doing, checking on our phones every two minutes has become a habit and most of us if not all of us are addicted to it, and website like are among few good websites which write about such basic yet important issues which affect our lives.