R22 Refrigerants Phase Out


If the cooling unit in your residential property was installed before 2010, then it is more than likely that you need to phase out the outdated refrigerant inserted in the copper coils of your AC.  Despite the fact that you might be fully satisfied with the cooling output of your home appliance, you may be on intentionally contributing to the ozone depletion. As most household used to have R22 agent, commercially known as Freon, this means that many homeowners were unknowingly causing major environmental implications during the summer seasons. R22 was commercially sold since 1950s and it became widely acceptable in the HVAC industry of that time. After the commencement of the Montreal Protocol, which is an international agreement related to global warming implications, the phasing out of this refrigerant began.

Due to the difference in viscosity and density of R22 refrigerants, most times you might not be able to replace them with a new item. As long as there is still a small amount of R22 refrigerant left in the coils, the technicians should not installed new cooling solutions. Bluon refrigerants seem to be the most preventive commercial products in the market at the moment, and make sure to visit the webpage to learn more about these cooling agents.

Unlike common perception, in order to purchase a gas cylinder for your air-conditioner you need to be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. There are also raised charges when it comes to the destruction or recycling of R22-filled cylinders. R22 cooling units can turn out to be highly expensive for the homeowners in the coming years, and it is wise to get them replaced before it’s too late. If you are looking for a product with a higher safety rating, then you should check out R410a now.