Roadside Love


Mountain bikes are thought to be made for only hardcore riders but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that mountain bikes are just much more suited to off-road travel and regions, going up hilly areas and down mountains even. Regular road bikes on the other hand are best suited to the city pavement and as such see much more casual use. They aren’t built for the same off-road travel that mountain bikes find easily so biking enthusiasts that long for a bit of travel and a different scenery get off the road to follow their own paths.

If this makes it seem like it’s hardcore, then so be it. However, off-road travel isn’t easy which is why not everyone goes ahead and does it. It takes considerable skill with your bike not to lose yourself over a steep slope. Going up is going to take a lot of work and there will be a lot of times when you need to go up as compared to the times that you’re going downhill or at the very least, it’ll seem like it. Single speed mountain bikes take things a step further. They take more effort to go uphill with but they also streamline a lot of the performance.

They take less maintenance as well so you can splurge on other things, such as the frame or brakes etc. The other parts to the bike are just as important after all but finding the right bike for yourself can be difficult. Sure, you can try a few out and see what fits your style the best but you may have a nagging suspicion in your head that the next bike might be better. To help narrow things down, check out for guides that can surely be a bikers best friend.