Suspension Lessons: Different Types of Systems


A suspension system is crucial to any vehicle as it performs many functions. If we wish to put it lightly, we can say that it is a system that involves components such as springs, dampers, mechanical linkages and other such important thing and they all combine to attach the wheels of the vehicle to the chassis. The job of the suspension system is to determine the height of the vehicle (distance from the floor of the vehicle to the ground), wheels and their turning, stability, shock absorbing, ease in driving and many other functions which shows that it is indeed an essential system of all vehicles.

If you own or drive a car regularly, you should have the basic information about suspension systems and it will surely benefit you and even assist you when you run into different problems which result due to some issue in the suspension system. If you are looking for a company that deals with 4WDs suspension systems then you should head over to and you can even get different accessories from them. When it comes to suspension systems, you should know that it is divided into two types on which we would shed light so that you can know what they are.

Dependent Suspension System

Heavy vehicles are rigged with dependent suspension system because in it, the wheels are linked together mechanically which means that both the wheels are controlled by the same force.

Independent Suspension System

This particular type of suspension system is pretty popular because it takes up really less space, it is not of much weight, it offers easy steering ability and many such things. In this system, the wheels are not connected to each other which makes them independent which is great for uneven surfaces.