The Healing Honey


Sometime in the past year a new super bug has come up which has been nearly impossible to beat. Showing an unusually high resistance to most treatments, the Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus or the MRSA super infection has been a huge problem to tackle for doctors and hospitals everywhere. It has shown extraordinary resistance to almost every antibiotic currently available for use. It seems to have merged from many individual anti biotic resistant infections to have made this super bug. There is a general theme that most of the patients suffering from the MRSA have usually been in multiple health care related areas, such as hospitals, health centers, dialysis centers, and nursing homes. Because of the difficulty faced in treating these patients, many have to resort dangerous or invasive surgeries, artificial joints, or even intravenous tubing.

However a type of honey called Manuka honey, from the flowering Manuka trees that are only found in New Zealand, which is both rare and expensive has showed signs of helping in MRSA healing procedures. Now while it is a well documented fact that honey can be used as a healing item, it has very rarely been used in a manner that is so effective and helpful, with results this easily noticeable. The antibacterial properties of Manuka honey are not affected by the heating and the pasteurizing process making them very effective. It was found that manuka honey MRSA healing dressings and treatments have resulted in a successful string of non-antibiotic treatments. The honey infused dressings greatly managed to increase the healing process of those that are infected by the MRSA bacteria. In recent studies it was seen that using Manuka honey is effective because of its ability to regulate the potent genes of the MRSA bacteria in a way that they are downplayed and aren’t left active after the treatment.