The Problem With Fashion Headdresses


As festival season is rolling around the corner, it’s a chance for a lot of people to get creative, so you will glitter, different kinds of fabric and whatnot adorned on people’s bodies, however one of the most common, lucrative and uncreative things you will find in these festivals are people wearing fashion headdresses. A lot of celebrities have worn it as well and have received backlash for it. Some festivals are now taking the initiative and banning people from showing up in tribal headdresses because of its disrespect to Native cultures, which is a good step forward.

The tribal headdress in Native American culture happens to have a strong cultural significance behind it as these headdresses are only to be worn by the bravest and each feather on the headpiece is an individually earned by the individual for acts of bravery and so on. So, these tribal feathers, especially eagle feathers hold a lot of significance. Which is why when people buy them and wear them around, they are disrespecting an entire culture, that too an already marginalize community. We all know the atrocities the Native Americans had to go through, yet we parade around a much respected aspect of their culture by wearing them to music festivals.

There is also the problem of how these headpieces generalize and remove all individuality. The headdresses that are bought are mass-produced and feature the same design. There are over 500 officially recognized tribes in the US, each of which have their own take of headdresses, yet you will find there to be only one standard design where aspects of different tribes are merged together, which in turn strips these tribes of their individuality. This is why the next time someone around you talks about wearing a fashion headdress, stop them.