The Tallest Condos in Toronto’s Entertainment District


There are a number of tall condominiums in Toronto, many of which have been built by superb builders and have helped in enhancing the overall look and feel of Toronto, these condos also provide this already brimming city with practical and comfortable living spaces to offer to anyone wishing to settle down in Toronto. The entertainment district of Toronto is the biggest attractions that the city has to offer, this area always has something to offer to everyone and can easily be considered as one of the most prime areas in all of Toronto.

Due to its reputation, there is always a huge demand for residential real estate in the entertainment district, this high demand for living space exceeds the supply of living space in the area by a margin, which is why there are several condominium projects lined up for construction around the entertainment district in the near future. One of the most promising condo projects planned for the entertainment district is going to be the Mirvish + Gehry condos; a staggeringly tall condo project that is going to loom over all of the entertainment district by 2021.

There are several factors that have made this condo project a really promising one; this condo project aims to be the tallest in all of Toronto’s entertainment district with a total of 95 storeys, this insane height will also make the Mirvish + Gehry condos the third tallest building in all of Toronto. Apart from being immensely tall, this condo project will also feature a variety of luxurious amenities and will be situated in a very central area, making everything important accessible within mere minutes. You can read more about this condo project on its official website and also register yourself for further benefits.