Treats: The Secret Behind Successful Dog Training


Dogs are adorable. These smart, loyal creatures will love you and look up to you like you’re their entire world. Let’s face it, we don’t deserve dogs. Owning a dog is an amazing experience and most dog owners are at a significantly reduced chance of feeling lonely. However, dogs aren’t just cute and playful creatures. If you want a pet that’s just cute and playful, you’re better of getting a cat than a dog. If you’re going to own a dog, you better be willing to train it.

Well trained dogs are easier to handle and control but that’s not the only reason you have to train them; dogs want to be trained. Dogs are pack animals by instinct and as such, you have to establish yourself as your dog’s pack leader. When your dog recognizes you as the pack leader, it’ll want direction from you.

When you correct a human being, they might feel embarrassed or even annoyed but that’s not the case with dogs. Dogs want to learn from you so if you correct them, they’ll pay attention. The best way to get your message across to your dog is to reward them with treats and praises when they perform a task that you want them to learn.

Even if you have absolutely no plan of taking your dog to a pet show, teaching them tricks through positive reinforcement is great for their mental stimulation and in the long term, your dog will be well behaved. It’s important to reward your dog with a treat they really like so the reward value is increased when they’re being taught something. You can check out to learn more about various fun-filled dog treats specifically made for the purpose of reward-based dog training.