Wandering Traveller


Movies are something that have come to be the favourite pastime of many people. There are huge industries now and actors and actresses are perhaps some of the most highly paid people in the world and at the same time earn critical acclaim worldwide. Why not? They entertain us with the roles they play and how they portray them and a good actor can make a good movie better. Movies and the people portrayed in them lend to us a different way of looking at the world and constructing a new reality. Having a different perspective can be very refreshing at times.

If we can relate to the characters in the movie and understand why they do what they do and why they think what they think, we can make better assumptions of the world around us. To imagine what another person may be going through, to put yourself in someone else’s shoes can be very difficult but with the entertaining as well as educating world that is the movie industry, we can now see and feel what others do and have a better comprehension of ourselves in the process. Movies seen in the theatre can be great moments to hang out with your friends and kill times as well.

Not everyone would prefer to go to the theatres though. And sometimes there’s a movie out that isn’t available to you locally or else your friends aren’t really interested in going to go see it. Perhaps the most common reason that people would prefer not to go to the theatre is that in the modern age with everything available online, we can stream our movies on websites like 123movies without having to spend our money on the transport nor the tickets. They really bring the theatre experience home.