We Were Younger


The face of one, Claire Abbott, is indeed well known across many Instagram users even if the name itself isn’t. It is one that sparks a lot of curiosity as this girl had managed to find herself with thousands of subscribers to her Instagram post before suddenly vanishing and the question on everyone’s mind is, where did she go? The clever use of Instagram by this cute blonde is what sparked their popularity for her and many other such stars that became famous through similar uses of the popular image sharing website and even earned themselves the term, “Insta-famous”.

Claire Abbott is one of the more famous models when compared to the others so her disappearance is certainly a shock. The girl had started when she was just a teenage documenting aspects of her life all over social media websites like Twitter and Facebook and it drew many people to her. Not all of those who came to see her were positive influences however. Many trolls reared their jealous heads to bomb her social media statuses with negativity that she had to work hard to not let get to her head. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t.

Somewhere down the line, Claire Abbott had also started dating another famous personality and the attention she received as a result was just overwhelming. Just with sharing some stories and pictures of herself online, she was able to make a living and not quite the opportunity that many people get to have. There was even subreddit made in dedication to her. She loved to share a lot of fashion tips and tell people to be confident with whatever they choose to wear since the key to making a piece of clothing looking expensive and elegant is to be confident wearing it.