Why Get a Kitten


This is not really an article debating between puppies and kittens because there is no point pitting the two against each other. Both animals are absolutely adorable and whichever one you prefer is a matter of your own preference. I mean all you have to do is go to groups like Westchester Puppies and Kittens which are filled with funny and cute home videos of all kinds of pets to see what I mean. However, this article will talk about why you should opt for a kitten in case you are considering to get a pet.

The first point is obviously that they are really cute. Kittens have their own charm and they are really small and easy to carry around with you. They also happen to be really energetic. Younger cats, especially kittens get random bursts of energy and you will find them running around your entire living space and it can be great to interact with them. Plus, kittens react really well to toys and will always put up a fight, adding to more fun for you.

Another advantage that comes with having a kitten is that they will grow old with you. The average cat lives 8-12 years, so if you get a kitten, the two of you will quite literally grow older together. Another great thing about cats is that is they are not very social animals all the time. So, if you are introverted in nature or just someone who enjoys their personal space, a kitten will do wonderfully because they do not demand constant attention, especially after they grow up a little more. So, you can play with them, but at the same time, it will not wear you down because both of you will eventually get tired and go off to separate areas of the house.