The Perfect Tan


There are a few people who’d want to pass on a good tan this summer, but a lot of us actually end up not getting any kind of a tan done since we’re told that tanning can be dangerous. We’re very paranoid about our skin and it makes sense to be paranoid when it comes to artificial tanning. Just the fact that the tanning we get done through the application of topical products is artificial is enough to raise a few red flags for anyone.

A lot of people end up with weird skin conditions and even cancer is some cases just because they were using all the wrong products to get some colour on their skin. Now, you have to understand that tanning is a natural process; our skin produced more melanin under certain conditions. If these conditions can be simulated by tanning products such as tanning oils and tanning beds, it’s still a natural process that’s just been conveniently accelerated.

However, if you buy skin lotions that promise to tan your skin without any ultraviolet light exposure at all, then something’s fishy. Using artificial skin colouring products is like asking for trouble really. Not all tanning beds are safe either. Ultra Violet can help your skin produce melanin but it can also cause skin cancer and blindness if it isn’t controlled. Before you jump into a tanning bed, you should learn a bit about best tanning beds from Tan Vogue.

With a safe tanning bed and a few natural melanin stimulating oils, you can achieve a true and natural tan on your skin much faster than you’d have done otherwise. Direct exposure to the sun is healthy but too much of it can be problematic as well, which is why a good tanning bed is the safest tanning option.