Touring Toronto


If you are travelling to Canada for the first time, you cannot help but be excited for multiple reasons. Firstly, there is a sense of excitement and adventure that comes at the prospect of travelling to a completely new country, entering a different environment, interacting with completely different people, and experiencing a completely different culture. Now, regardless of what time of the year you choose to go to Canada, Toronto has to be on the top of your list of cities you need to visit.

Toronto is amongst the populated cities in Canada, and it also is amongst the few that happen to have something for everybody. Toronto has a lot of rich history that you can delve into by visiting the many museums there, they happen to have a lot of markets and shopping centers, and it has a great food scene as well. So, regardless of what type of cuisine you are looking for, be it Chinese, Korean, Brazilian, Halal food etc. you will find it all in Toronto, with all of them being in close vicinity to each other.

You can choose to stay in hotels or you can just Air BnB and rent a house/apartment at a cheaper cost. So, with so much being available to you, Canada is a great option to explore. Of course, one of the first few things you need to do after landing is to get your currency exchanged, and you can do that by using any foreign exchange place in Toronto so that you can get Canadian dollar on hand, allowing you to pay for all of your expenses. Now, make sure that you get your currency exchanged from a reliable foreign exchange service that is providing you competitive rates because you do not really want to get scammed.